Car Diagnostic Testing Bradford

On-board electronics?

We’ll give you the diagnostics.

At KAG we’re proud of the fact that we’ve invested heavily in modern diagnostics technology that can help solve so many of the problems that modern on-board computer units highlight.

All modern vehicles have a computer or ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that controls engine operation. The main purpose of this is to keep the engine running at top efficiency with the lowest possible emissions. These units constantly and precisely adjust the engine according to various conditions such as speed, load, engine temperature, fuel quality, ambient air temperature and road conditions.

Car Diagnostic Reports at KAG

In the normal run of things you may never notice any of this happening. But our customers often become alarmed when these computers switch on warning lights in the car, instructing you to ‘Check Engine’ or ‘Service Engine Soon’

The good news is that when this happens KAG have all the equipment we need to investigate these warnings and interrogate your onboard computer for clues as to what the problem might be.

For instance, it’s often down to problems with mechanical parts such as valves, or with sensors that are installed to check the efficiency of your catalytic converter, or prevent fuel vapours being released from your fuel tank.

With the problem diagnosed we can get on with a fix and re configure your on board computer to make sure those alarming warnings don’t keep distracting you from the road ahead.


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